Our Thin Client, Virtual Window to the Enterprise Helps Your Bottom Line

As large enterprises know, it takes significant power to run data-intensive networks, like those in business-critical call centers. And this means skyrocketing energy costs to these businesses. Solutions that can help reduce a corporation’s energy consumption—from the desktops that support its tens of thousands of employees to the power-hungry hardware that fills its densely packed data and call-centers—can save the company millions of dollars.

Companies also feel trapped by their technology platforms. Even if they’d like to make a switch, the infrastructure challenges, not to mention the cost implications, deliver formidable road blocks. Until now.The era of virtualization has made energy-efficient, desktop-less environments with large-scale, thin-client architectures possible, and corporations are rushing to capitalize on these opportunities.

The BeacenTM Solution Suite innovates on this platform, delivering unprecedented levels of operational and IT management efficiency with maximum return on investment. From better customer and employee retention to increased productivity and better customer care to reduced IT management, operational and energy costs – the savings are substantial. And the BeacenTM Solution Suite is capital expenditure neutral. No longer are companies trapped into technology platforms. With the BeacenTM Solution Suite, a completely flexible “any desktop, anywhere” approach delivers measurable benefits:

  • Reduces average call handle time: allows users to begin working in seconds, rather than minutes, with enterprise availability at the desktop
  • Increases desktop performance: especially for CPU and memory-intensive applications, through faster response times and increased throughput
  • Increases efficiency and minimizes training time: through a familiar interface based on user preference; delivers seamless, secure, transparent content delivery to any client, anywhere, regardless of operating platform
  • Improves productivity: by maximizing utilization of seats on the floor through enhanced mobility of users or “hot desking” so that one workstation is easily utilized by multiple users
  • Simplifies IT management and administration: eliminating hands-on patches, reducing trouble tickets by as much as 80% and decreasing the need for technical support
  • Significantly reduces costs: in the form of capital and maintenance for hardware, software license purchases, and lower power consumption
  • Increases the lifecycle of capital assets: from 3 years for typical personal computers to over 10 years for Beatty and Company Computing solutions
  • Enhances security and access control: across multiple domains
  • Delivers improved system flexibility and scalability: for cost-effective expansion and growth

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