The burden of application-heavy desktops, like those in call centers around the world, affect IT management and worker productivity. This necessitates a centralized information utility capable of delivering data expediently and creating the need for specialized applications ñ well-served by virtualization technology using thin clients.

The BeacenTM vSeries® helps businesses to confidently meet these challenges with an innovative architecture that directly impacts the bottom line by maximizing productivity and minimizing administration overhead in data-intensive environments, like call centers. This comprehensive solution utilizes best-in-class hardware and software to deliver agility, reliability and scalability to such environments.

Key benefits:

  • Seamless, secure, transparent content delivery to any client, anywhere, regardless of operating system, application environment or computing platform
  • Dynamic delivery of any technology, to any desktop or device, based on whatever desktop is provisioned to users
  • Extensibility to a wide breadth of devices, platforms, protocols and suppliers
  • Persistent data integrity and security across a range of delivery protocols and domains

Key Components:

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