Business Solutions That Reduce Your TCO

In decades past, businesses sought to move management resources to the edge of the enterprise, moving from hefty mainframes to personal computers, and shrinking the size of computing components. This shift brought continual upgrades in features, memory and power-hungry applications like graphics and video.

The result has been a staggering rise in power consumption and total cost of ownership. Today's businesses are now racing to find solutions to efficiently share, manage and safeguard data—their most precious corporate asset—while minimizing costs.

This search has ushered in the era of virtualization—and with it, the move to thin clients—freeing businesses from physical and geographical constraints and enabling them to maximize their resources at a cost that pleases the bottom line.

Beatty and Company Computing solutions deliver:

  • Optimum availability and productivity
  • Simplified manageability
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Strengthened security
  • Improved disaster recovery

And all of that leads to one of the biggest advantages of all—reduced total cost of ownership.

Beatty and Company's paradigm delivers a virtualized infrastructure that functions independently of operating systems, application environments and computing platforms to transparently serve up data anytime, anywhere.

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