The Information Utility

Businesses face daunting data access, security and manageability issues amid a turbulent economy—and until now, solutions have been scarce or insufficient. With the era of virtualization, a centrally managed, virtualized utility is now within reach that can help businesses address these issues head on.

A central, virtualized information utility enables the aggregation of key resources, with the ability to efficiently share any data, with any client, under any operating environment. And you can do it safely, seamlessly and expediently—on demand. With such a utility, businesses can transparently deliver data to any client anywhere in the enterprise.

Although virtualization can be implemented using a variety of approaches, not all support the virtues of the central utility model. Those virtualization engines that do can deliver these benefits:

  • Reliability: reliable under all circumstances
  • Availability: optimum uptime with exceptional response times and throughput, and minimal interruptions
  • Scalability: performs to user demands and scales to a variety of user loads, across multiple devices, platforms and suppliers—now and for years to come
  • Flexibility: independent of any brand of component that is attached to the utility, whether that component is a server, storage solution, or network device, and independent from the choice of network protocol
  • Manageability: easy, cost–effective administration
  • Productivity: the opportunity for IT professionals to focus on work that more significantly benefits the business, rather than managing data
  • Security: protection from loss of data under any circumstance

Implementation of Beatty and Company's breakthrough BeacenTM Solution Suite delivers these benefits like no other computing solution, enabling users to seamlessly access and share data anywhere in the enterprise, regardless of physical location, operating platform, or application environment. The result—an agile, dynamic desktop on demand for users, a single view of an enterprise's entire IT infrastructure for administrators, and efficiencies that directly impact the bottom line for businesses. What’s more, these efficiencies translate into greener solutions for the environment in the form of reduced power consumption and

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