What Does it Mean for Me?

Basic computer operating system architecture has changed very little since the computers inception. An architecture where the operating system and it components reside on some form of modifiable persistent storage. This persistent storage is mounted at boot time to load the operating system and its associated applications and data. While the type size and speed of this persistent storage have improved it is functionally identical to its predecessors

It is this architecture that that negatively impacts both system availability and security.   The persistent storage creates the environment for operating system decay as well hiding places for ransomware, malware and viruses.

vSeries zStation endpoint operating environment addresses the inherent deficiencies of this architecture. By dynamically building the entire computing platform upon every login the computer is new for every use, operating system decay is simply not possible. The highest levels of information assurance are attained by not only dynamically creating the operating system in volatile memory for each use, but also by constructing the operating system on a series of read-only filesystems. Simply put zStation essentially eliminates the attack vectors that are commonly used by bad actors to gain access and control of your computing platforms.

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