Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've listed frequently asked questions to provide you with additional insight—and we continually refresh this list to keep you updated about our products and services.

Q: Windows-based PC desktops have been a mainstay of our IT organization. How do I overcome internal resistance to a shift to a thin client architecture?

A: There are several benefits that a thin client architecture, equipped with Beatty and Company's virtualized solutions, offers over traditional desktops. Users will appreciate the faster response and login times, and elimination of time-sucking crashes, while still working within an easy, familiar operating environment.

Q: For all their energy-saving benefits, I've heard that thin clients may not work for some graphics or compute-intensive applications. Is this true?

A: Functionality will depend on the type of graphics application. While thin clients are not a fit for 3D modeling and gaming applications, they are ideal for data-intensive applications like telecommunications and high-performance computing.

Q: I'm concerned that Beatty's solutions won't work with my applications or in my environment. How can you ensure that they will?

A: At Beatty and Company, we offer a proven methodology coupled with considerable expertise in network infrastructure and application integration. Businesses have relied on us for over a decade to provide them with customer-specific solutions that help them capitalize on their investments. And our phased deployment approach further minimizes your risk.

Q: What is the cost and complexity of deployment of Beatty's solutions?

A: Thin clients, equipped with Beatty and Company's virtualized solutions, are a cap-X neutral transaction with maximum return on investment. These solutions offer seamless integration into your unique business environment, with minimum complexity.

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