Technical Support

Time is money, and even just minutes of downtime could mean millions of dollars lost. Beatty and Company solutions simplify IT management and administration, reducing trouble tickets by as much as 80% and decreasing the need for technical support. In those rare instances when you do need technical support, our unparalleled long-term 24x7 service ensures that you're back up and running in record time.

When you choose Beatty and Company solutions, you have the benefit of direct access to dedicated engineers with years of expertise who understand your unique business environment - no time is wasted in routing your concern through a front-line office. Responses are at the ready and the majority of full fixes - from the time you file a ticket to the time the issue is resolved - take mere hours, rather than days or months. In the mean time, workstations are re-routed to other systems in seconds to minimize downtime. And your data is completely protected through redundancy with no single point of failure.

The result - confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business, and your data, is protected like never before.

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